Crosstex manufactures and markets a wide range of high quality Sterilization Monitoring Products used globally. Their domestic and international market segments include pharmaceutical, medical device, contract sterilizer, laboratory, health care, dental, food and beverage and biotech companies.

Nodia was already distributing NAMSA products when these were recently acquired by Crosstex.
Now Nodia offers you the full range of Crosstex’ Sterilization Monitoring Products including:

  • Biological Indicators
  • Chemical Process Indicators
  • Custom Indicator Labels
  • Quality Control Test Suspensions (Growth Promotion)
  • Spore Suspensions
  • Culture Media
  • Incubators

Crosstex products are tailored to suit many different sterilization processes including:

Irradiation (Gamma and E-Beam)
Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide/Plasma
Ethylene Oxide
Dry Heat
Chlorine Dioxide

Crosstex Industrial, Your most trusted partner for sterilization products and services.