Synthetic Non-Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time kit
Art.no. CC0151


Intended for use in the European Pharmacopeia (EP) method for the detection of activated coagulation factors in therapeutic products.

The NaPTT reagent  can also  be used in the NaPTT test for detecting contact activation and hyper coagulability.

A normal NaPTT result is typical 200-350 seconds , but is shortened by contact activation, tissue factor and other enzyme procoagulants. If results are short the nature of any unknown procoagulant can be probed using specific inhibitors or antibodies.

💡 Combine the following products to optimize your EP method

Product Package Reference Source
Tris-NaCl buffer pH 7,50 (TBS) 1×50 ml AR004A Hyphen-BioMed
  Set of 3×50 ml AR004K Hyphen-BioMed
BIOPHEN Normalplasma 2 (non-titrated) 10×2 ml 223602 Hyphen-BioMed
BIOPHEN Normalplasma 5 (non-titrated) 8×5 ml 223605 Hyphen-BioMed