Elastic Motion Thrombelastometry

Next generation visco-elastic diagnostics

‘A Unique Combination of Easy to Use and Flexibility’

The ClotPro Instrument

The ClotPro allows you to analyse up to 6 assays simultaneously in any test combination. Tests can be repeated after therapeutic interventions as required and the diagnostic workup can be developed step by step. For this, the ClotPro instrument has the highest throughput and flexibility, efficient and easy to use.

Active Tip Technology

  • Liquid reagent handling for visco-elastometry requires pipetting of small reagent volumes, which is challenging in acute situations. The ClotPro® active-tip technology eliminates all reagent handling without requiring to run fixed 4 channel test panels.
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The reagents for each assay are present in dry form in a sponge in the pipette tip (blue). During pipetting of the patient sample the reagent is automatically added to the blood – simple and safe.

ClotPro Reagents

The diagnostic proficiency of visco-elastometry has been significantly enhanced by the development of three innovative assays designed to reflect advances in therapeutics.

EX-Test Fast overview over the coagulation process
FIB-Test Functional detection of the fibrinogen level
AP-test Assessment of coagulation with fibrinolysis inhibition
IN-test Assessment of heparin, sensitive to FVIII
HI-test IN-test with heparin inhibition
TPA-test Assessment of antifibrinolytic agents
RVV-test High sensitivity for new oral anticoagulants (DOACs)
ECA-test High sensitivity for direct thrombin antagonists

Where the RVV-test is a rapid screening test that uses a direct activation of FXa with a high sensitivity to direct oral anticoagulants and other thrombin antagonists., the ECA-test makes use of a direct activation of thrombin, with a high sensitivity and specificity for thrombin antagonists. The combination of these two test allows for a rapid detection and differentiation between anti-FXa and thrombin antagonists in urgent situations.

An other newly developed test is the TPA-test. A well balanced mixture of recombinant tissue factor and recombinant tissue plasminogen activator (t-PA) provides for a standardized stimulation of the fibrinolysis. This way anti-fibrinolytic medication such as tranexamic acid (TXA), can be monitored.

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