Chromogenic assay for measuring Antithrombin in plasma with an Anti Xa method
liquid reagent technology


    • Ready-to-use liquid reagent technology
    • Human Factors
    • High on board stability
    • Insensitive for heparin
    • Automation protocols available


BIOPHENTM AT anti-(h)-Xa LRT assay is a kinetics method based on the inhibition of Factor Xa, which is at a constant concentration and in excess, by Antithrombin, in presence of heparin. The remaining Factor Xa is then measured by its amydolitic activity on a Factor Xa specific chromogenic substrate, which releases pNA. The amount of pNA generated is inversely proportional to the Antithrombin concentration present in the tested plasma.

Ordering information

Product Name Reference Package
BIOPHENTM AT-(h)-Xa (CE-IVD) 221123


 2 x 3 x 3 ml

2 x 4 x 7.5 ml

BIOPHENTM  Plasma Calibrator (CE-IVD) 222101 12 x 1 ml
BIOPHENTM  Normal Control Plasma (CE-IVD) 223201 12 x 1 ml
BIOPHENTM  Abnormal Control Plasma (CE-IVD) 223301 12 x 1 ml


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