The chromogenic Factor VIII assay for your routine and research


Since the use of recombinant and modified factor concentrates, the chromogenic factor assays became first choice for the follow-up of haemophilia patients.

The Biophen Factor VIII kit offers a stable method for routine applications. The use of human factors in the reagents mimics the in vivo situation and makes the test sensitive for all new haemophilia treatments including the follow-up of patients treated with emicizumab.

CE marked applications for normal and low range are available for all common coagulation analyzers.

💡 Emicizumab can be tested with the BIOPHEN Factor VIII:C kit. No modification of the instrument application is needed. Emicizumab can be tested under the same condition as FVIII in the plasma. A calibration curve covers a range from 0 to 100 µg/ml Emicizumab.

A method insensitive for emicizumab can be obtained by  exchanging of the human Factor X by an alternative bovine version. Ask Nodia for more info on this procedure!

Reaction Principle:


BIOPHEN® FVIII:C: major features:

  • Stability of the reagents makes routine application feasible:
    • 24 h at room temperature
    • 72 h at 2-8 oC
    • 2 months at -20 oC or lower
  • Special buffer results in a better recovery of all variants of the FVIII-molecule.
  • Small (2,5ml) and Large (6 ml) kit available