the chromogenic FIX assay for your routine and research


In routine laboratories FVIII and FIX are measured with a one-stage clotting assay using factor deficient plasma’s. For clotting factor assays in human plasma this approach has been reliable so far. Since the use of recombinant and modified factor concentrates, the follow-up of haemophilia patients with clotting assays is no longer recommended. The chromogenic factor assays are the first choice for this application.

Reaction Principle :

Biophen FIX

BIOPHEN® IX –  major features:

  • Stability of the reagents makes routine application feasible:
    • 24 h at room temperature
    • 72 h at 2-8 oC
    • 2 months at -20 oC or lower
  • Special buffer results in a better recovery of al variants of the FIX-molecule.
  • Comprehensive validation files for the applications on the most common coagulation analysers.
  • High (5-200%) and Low (0-20 %) range
  • Small (2,5ml) and Large (6 ml) kit available