Chromogenic method for measuring Protein C activity in plasma


  • Ready-to-use liquid reagent
  • High on board stability ( up to 7 days)
  • Automation protocols available


In the BIOPHEN™ Protein C (LRT) assay, Protein C is activated with Protac®, an enzyme extracted from snake venom (Agkistrodom C Contortrix) . Activated protein C (APC) then cleaves the specific substrate SaPC-21, releasing para-nitroaniline (pNA). The yellow colour of the free pNA is measured at 405nm. There is a direct relationship between colour development and Protein C activity in the tested plasma.

Ordering information

Product Name Assay principle Reference Package
BIOPHENTM  Protein C   (CE-IVD) i Chromogenic method for in vitro quantitative determination of Protein C activity on human citrated plasma, using manual or automated method. Reagents are in the liquid presentation, ready to use (LRT, Liquid Reagent Technology). 221211  R1: 3 x 3 ml

R2: 3 x 3 ml