Heparin is one of the oldest molecules discovered to have anticoagulant properties. Now a days it is frequently used in hospitals as treatment. Whether it is Unfractionated (UFH), Low Moleculair Weight Heparin (LMWH) or a heparin analogue (Orgaran & Arixtra), the follow-up of heparin is of routine practice for laboratories. 

Apart from the differences between LMWH and UFH, our partner Hyphen Biomed developed a way to measure both on a single application of the BIOPHEN Heparin LRT kit. This isn’t the result of a simple combination of both sets of calibrators where you have the risk of loosing accuracy in the extremes. It is the result of a superposition of the two individual curves onto each other that makes it possible to measure LMWH and UFH using a single calibration curve.

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Note: Use DOAC Remove to treat samples where a DOAC is present to avoid interference.